Porcelain Onlays

Baton Rouge Dental Onlays

For the finest quality porcelain dental onlays in Baton Rouge, LA, trust the professionals at Juban Dental Care. We are a comprehensive, family dental practice that offers dental onlays as well as offering complete restorative and cosmetic dental care to the residents of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. The experienced dentist and dedicated staff at our dental practice are devoted to restoring and enhancing the beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long-lasting smiles.

A dental onlay can be used to conservatively repair teeth that have large defective fillings or have been damaged due to decay or trauma. It is identical to an inlay with the exception that one or more of the chewing cusps have also been affected and need to be included in the dental restoration. An onlay is an ideal alternative to a crown because less tooth structure is removed in the preparation of an onlay. Porcelain onlays are popular because they closely resemble your natural tooth. A porcelain onlay is made by a professional dental laboratory and is permanently cemented into a tooth. Dr. Michael Juban uses porcelain dental onlays to effectively restore the form and function of patients’ smiles.

Denham Springs Porcelain Onlays

Juban Dental Care serves the residents of Denham Springs with natural looking, porcelain onlays as well as complete restorative and cosmetic dental care. An onlay procedure usually requires two appointments: one to create an impression to be used to make the custom onlay and to prepare the surface of the tooth and one to cement the onlay onto your tooth. Dr. Juban uses local anesthesia and also offers sedation dentistry to keep patients relaxed, comfortable and free of pain during the placement of dental onlays.

Gonzales LA Teeth Onlays

If you live in Gonzales, LA and are interested in teeth onlays to restore the form and function of your teeth, call Juban Dental Care. Our practice is currently accepting new patients and we would appreciate the opportunity to care for you and your family. We work with many dental insurance providers including Cigna Radius and are happy to file insurance claims on your behalf. Contact our Baton Rouge Dental Onlays Experts today for your initial consultation. We thank you for allowing us to take care of your dental care needs and look forward to serving you.

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