Comfort and Convenience

If you have “dental anxiety” or “fear of the needle” or if you have “limited time” …  conscious sedation may be the answer to these concerns.

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Sedation Dentistry Changes Everything

Let’s face it, most people have at least a little fear or anxiety about going to the dentist.  Some of it stems from things they have seen on T.V. or have heard from friends and family.  Fear of having any kind of pain or discomfort is still the number one reason people don’t go to the dentist.

All this has changed!  Sedation methods used in our office can take away the fear and anxiety of having dental work done.  From the use of gas to conscious sedation, we have a way to make you comfortable and your visit anxiety free.  It is definitely not what you may have been accustom to in the past.

Here at Juban Dental, we focus on comfort and precision.  We have the experience and technology to provide you with a world class dental experience.  It starts when you walk in the door and our team starts the process of helping you.  When you come to the back for treatment, we will work hard to help you understand what is going on and develop a system of communication with you that makes you even more comfortable.

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Comfort and Convenience
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Comfort and Convenience
Dentistry has changed over the years and sedation has made it more comfortable for Baton Rouge residents.